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Great content covering the NBA

Warren and Cal do a great job talking about the league and the show is easy to listen to.

Always delivers!

Love these dudes. Love their deep dives into all things hoops. The Baseline always delivers!

Great show!

The guys here always deliver great content. Absolutely worth the time.

I’m biased, BUT

The Baseline remains one of the truly great NBA podcasts out there. Warren and Cal are dedicated and passionate about their craft and it was absolutely an honor to rock with them for the last 9 months

Great Show

Great show entertaining and informative what more could you ask for in a podcast.

Hip 2 Da Games CERTIFIED

As a Hip-Hop head, I live for “The Breakdown” because of the use of “Shadowboxin’” off GZA’s Liquid Swords. But of course, as a basketball fan, The Baseline is such a quality roundtable discussion on the NBA’s hottest topics. Love the dialogue and different perspectives. Great show!

This is a GREAT pod

The Baseline bringing you nothing but dope entertainment…knowledgeable hoops guys that bring you the info from different perspectives. Keep killin it fellas!

Nice vibe

Show has a nice vibe. Can tell that the hosts are old school hip hop heads but they know their hoops!

My NBA go to spot

The Baseline has been my favorite NBA podcast for years. Knowledgeable and insightful. Recently they have added a 3rd member to the podcast, and it has been a seamless transition. Like adding Hakeem to the original dream team! Fantastic.

Great Entertainment

Love this pod! It has great basketball knowledge along with good humor to keep you entertained on your drive or during a workout.

Better than the mainstream shows

Fun authentic and informative

Helping me through the NBA summer drought

They are so consistent finding ways to give us fun content all year long. One week they might have a player on, the next week a business executive. Love the new addition of Jabari Davis too

Love the pod

Warren’s takes on Persona are top notch. Love listening to their full episodes on all things NBA. Some of the best in the biz.

Great pod!

Great podcast! would love for you guys to get Collin Sexton on the podcast!

Great podcast

I just recently started listening and they are really entertaining and fun to listen to. Love it. Highly recommended.

Great NBA show

Always listen to them and great perspective on teams and players. Keep up the great job and keep the guest coming 🙌

Great show!

Enjoyed listening to the show!

Cal & Warren are the Classic 1-2 punch

These guys really go in-depth with the best when it comes to basketball knowledge and their content is second to none!


Year after year these guys keep the content strong. One of the best NBA pods around.

Fun, unique, informative

Awesome show! The guys really know their stuff and keep things fun and fresh! Always an entertaining yet informative listen!

No. 1 NBA podcast

This podcast is my go-to for NBA analysis. They'll hit different topics and always give great insight.

Helping me through the NBA summer drought

They are so consistent finding ways to give us fun content all year long. One week they might have a player on, the next week an artist but always NBA relevant stuff.

Love them!

Fun NBA show. Warren is a great analyst and Cal is a witty host. Give them a listen and you'll be hooked, I promise!

My opinion

Awesome podcast very informative and I can relate to the topic.


They're amazing!! This podcast is very insightful on all NBA topics. Love the hosts and the guests that they consistently bring on.

Fun and engaging

Cal and Warren present a fun show for all NBA fan types and often have great guests. Tune in.

Digging deeper!

This is what you're looking for. News, analysis, talk, and interviews. Weekly show doubled down during the Finals to drop an episode after ever game. No hating on King James or Curry, which is dope but unexpected. Warren and Cal play well off each other, one hyped and animated and the other drilling down and digging to the point. I drifted away from the others and get my fix from Baseline and ShawSports. Definitely worth a listen, stop reading reviews and just play one.

Nba action live

Knowledgable & entertaining


Great podcast for NBA Talk

My new NBA fix

Great show. I am not a super fan of the NBA but these guys get me right. Love the chemistry between Warren & Cal.