Dec. 7, 2023

Talk Sh*T or Abandon Ship

Talk Sh*T or Abandon Ship

This week we look back to Stand on Business and continue to Talk our Sh*t or Abandon Ship on earlier predictions and convo we had in the offseason

- Orlando Magic considered as a Tier 4 team
- Cleveland Cavs are a Tier 3 team
- Rockets as a Tier 5 Team
- Mavs as a Tier 4 team
- Lakers are a Tier 1 team

Also we revisit :

  • Pozinigis role acceptance and impact
  • Shaw's preictions that Mark Daigneault will be Coach of the Year
  • Cal's prediction that Malik Monk will win 6th Man of the Year
  • Whos on pace to be right on Most improved between Maxey and Shengun

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