May 4, 2020

Episode 428 : Saving The Last Dance Parts 5 & 6

Episode 428 : Saving The Last Dance Parts 5 & 6
Another remarkable episode captured discussing Parts 5 & 6 of the docu-series The Last Dance chronicling the 1998 Chicago Bulls on their final run to be a 3 time NBA Champion. While the Bulls looked to have found its championship mettle going into the 98 playoffs, the already fractured relationship between the players and management again resurfaces and within the power dynamic we explore a few distinct facets that got us to this point:

- Jordan's Brand : How he became Larger the Life and entity beyond
- Jordans Legacy: The stress of being a flawless perfect role model now exposed
- Jordan's DreamTeam
- Jordan's Competitiveness
- The Have's and Have Nots
Finally we must add to the #SnitchList. Who did the snitchin' this week?
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